July 17, 2010

OneNote 2010 Collaboration

Click here to check out my latest article about the collaboration features in OneNote 2010 just published by Que.

On the topic of collaboration, Office 2010 includes a plethora of collaboration and integration features. These features mean that the products within the Office suite work together even more seamlessly than before.

Not only that, but now you can integrate how you work with Office according to your current platform. For example, with Office Web Apps and Live Essentials you can work with your documents wherever you are – desktop, web, smart phone. Unless you find yourself working on an iPad (wink).

Working with Office 2010 also means that you’re no longer just in the Office products paradigm. Everything is connected now, so you can integrate the work that you do in Outlook with your social networks.

You can do things like store files on your Skydrive and access them from your smart phone or access your home PC from the web by using the remote desktop capability in Live Essentials or use Live Writer to publish a blog post from your phone. Powerful stuff for Office users!

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