February 20, 2011

Come to the Table in 2011


This year, come to the table in your career. Abandon fear and take on strategic projects than can move your professional career forward. Look for projects than can not only advance you within your own company, but for projects that enable you to develop skills that enhance your brand and can be used whether you
  • stay at your company or
  • move on to another company or
  • even start your own business
Enlarge your own view of your career. Consider working for a company other than the one that you’re with now. See yourself as a professional and not just as an employee of the company you currently work for. This is helpful even if you are planning to stay in your current post.

This year, work on your brand. Consider yourself in terms of a product. What differentiates you from other people in your field? What special attributes make you different and better? If you think that don’t have any special talent or perspective, consider asking a few good friends or mentors for some help.

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